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The Wolverine


5 August
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Rogue: When they come out... does it hurt? » Wolverine: Every time.

Name: Logan | Wolverine | Weapon X
Born: Unknown
Nationality: Canadian Citizen
Location: Westchester, New York, United States | Sometimes Canada
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Art teacher at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Member of the X-Men, Cage Fighter
Known relatives : None
Past Affiliations : Department H, Weapon X Program, Canadian Military, Central Intelligence Agency
Education: Unknown
Height: 6'2"
Build: Muscular
Hair: Brown, unusual style
Eyes: Hazel


Alpha Level mutation includes heightened senses (vision, smell, hearing, and taste superior to normal humans), and an accelerated healing factor which allows shallow wounds to heal in minutes, and more severe, or life-threatening, injuries to heal in hours. During the Weapon X Program, Logan's skeleton was laced with an indestructible metal known as Adamantium. He was given six nine-inch long retractable blades--three housed in each forearm, that pop out between the skin between his knuckles.

Verses & Key Players

Please first see THIS ooc post regarding this muse

1) princeton2nyc
Encompasses the first three movies as background for Logan and Rogue. A few years passed after the end of the third movie, and Rogue crossed paths with Dr Robert Chase. They had a whirlwind chemistry-filled romance. Whilst they were dating, Rogue was captured and badly injured on a mission, losing her and Chase's unborn baby due to the injuries. Despite Chase being wary of the whole X-Men side of Rogue's life and harbouring an understandable fear of Logan in general, the tragedy let Logan see how much the Australian doctor cared for Rogue, and it was at this point he started to accept that the doctor was going to be a prominent part of Rogue's life.

A few months later, Chase proposed to Rogue on a tropical holiday. She accepted, and they were married in September 2008. Six months later, after getting the confidence to try again after their loss, Rogue gave birth to her and Chase's first baby, a girl called Mia Louise, and they made Logan and Remy LeBeau her godfathers.

In this verse, Logan remains, of course, a member of the X-Men and still lives at Xavier's.

2) p2nyc_nextgen
Just as it sounds, approximately seventeen years advanced ahead in time, the children of the members of princeton2nyc are teenagers. This is independent of the actual current day P2NYC verse and mostly just written in for a bit of fun, in a 'what if the kids were grown up' sense.

3) Remy/Rogue Verse Luxure
HERE and HERE: This verse was constructed by Remy and Rogue's writers when they wanted to explore the canon ship via their muses. After a long absence from Xavier's following the events of the three X-Men movies (ie, Rogue's sort-of relationship with Bobby Drake), Remy left Xavier's and the X-Men and rode off into the sunset. He is now back, at the school and on the team, much to Rogue's pleasure who always harboured secret feelings for the elusive Cajun. They have started a relationship Logan is less than pleased about, finding Gambit a pain in the ass and too cocky for his own good. They have a grudging civility between then, though, even if Logan would literally tear LeBeau to shreds if he hurt Rogue.

The key players in Logan's verses are...

» rogue / marie d'ancanto
» gambit / remy lebeau
» dr robert chase
» princeton2nyc cast
» p2nyc_nextgen


You can find Logan @

» princeton2nyc » p2nyc_nextgen » randomftw » musebysentence


Wolverine is from 20th Century Fox's X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, the X-Men comics and is the property of Marvel. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. No disrespect or infringement is intended.

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